Fiberglass Woven Slit Tape with PTFE Coating - Heat Resistant - with adhesive
High-Temperature PTFE (Teflon)
Coated Fiberglass Tape
This heat resistant tape is made by slitting our PTFE resin impregnated fiberglass fabric.  Available with and without backing media on the adhesive side.  Available with Acrylic or Silicone adhesive.

Provides excellent chemical resistance and superior electrical insulation.  Used as a low friction release tape for heat sealing and other packaging applications

Used on various machinery parts to provide a smooth stick-free surface such as on production line runners and guides for easy product and parts conveyance.

Used as an electrical tape for high insulation and high temperature performance.

The Industrial Grade version of this heat resistant tape is a smooth surface with slight surface texturization (which is the underlying fiberglass weave).  The Premium Grade version is an exceptionally smooth surface with a higher PTFE content than the Industrial Grade.

The base fiberglass fabric is rated to 1000°F / 537°C while the PTFE melting point is 620°F / 327°C.

The PTFE resin is applied to the fabric in a hot process and under pressure, causing a total impregnation of the base fabric.  The surface of the resin is smooth and it takes considerable and aggressive force to scratch the ptfe surface to remove it from the fabric with fingernail scraping.

Heat Resistant Tape - PTFE Teflon impregnated fiberglass
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